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Frequently asked questions

Last updated: Sep 12th 2019


Our mission is to provide potential changemakers in East Africa with access to higher education and the opportunities and skills needed to secure employment. As our changemakers start contributing to society, their knowledge spreads and our impact grows exponentially. Help to Help runs two programs - Scholarship Program and Academy.

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What is the Help to Help Scholarship Program?
Help to Help Scholarship Program enables higher education by providing scholarships for financially disadvantaged but promising students at local universities in Tanzania and Uganda. We mainly sponsor students within the following educational fields:

Medicine & Health
Natural Science & Engineering
Social Science & Business
What is the Help to Help Academy?
Help to Help Academy equips youth with soft skills for the future and creates networks that leads to employment opportunities. The program is tailored to fill the gap between students and the labour market through practical and innovative solutions.

Our Academy Program consists of the following activities:

1. IT Boot Camp
The IT Boot Camp provides our students with a one week intensive training in basic computer skills. The aim is to equip female students with practical knowledge needed to take power over their future, there income and their lives.

2. Workshops
Our students engage in interactive workshops and training in CV-writing, interview skills, entrepreneurship, leadership, ethics and corruption prevention.

3. Company visits
We arrange company visits to give students insights into the labour market and to establish a valuable network with companies within their field of study.

4. Creating a path for reqruitment
We can facilitate students to enroll in FTE and acquire internships and trainee programs. This will boost talent within local communities and in turn contribute to future growth and success.
Why is Help to Help getting involved in this way?
At Help to Help we believe in the potential and ability of the individual, the equality of all and the uniqueness of every context. We believe in young changemakers in East Africa and their ability to achieve sustainable and long-term positive change for themselves, their family and their community. Yet, we see that youth face challenges and preconditions that are not fair.  

We subscribe to no political or religious views, although our ethical viewpoint is founded in human rights and the strong opinion that simply life-sustaining rights, such as food and housing, is not enough to enable individuals to become changemakers. We therefore focus on higher education as this is the main barrier that stands between the younger generations in East Africa and them reaching their full potential of deciding what to do with their lives. 

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Why East Africa?
East Africa, and Tanzania especially, is the region that receives the most humanitarian aid from Sweden. This region has the largest shortage of educated medical staff in the world, and the room for improvement of general living standards is high. Although we see a great potential in the youth in this region.

Tanzania also happens to be the country where Malin and Help to Helps journey started in 2010.
What are Help to Help's objectives?
Help to Help’s objective is to create ripple effects by giving a possibility for young people to access increased knowledge and thereby:

1. Acquire a mindset that they have the ability to create change.

2. Take responsibility in action for the development of their community.

3. Become role models and influence others by sharing their knowledge;improve the living conditions for their family or close surroundings and thereby reduce poverty.

The belief is that these ripple effects lead to development in line with the Sustainable Development Goals in East Africa, which among other things includes reduced poverty, increased literacy, increased democratisation and gender equality. In everything we do, we strive to increase gender awareness, equality and create a safe space for young people to grow.

2. OUR 

Our students are young ambitious citizens of Tanzania and Uganda. They all have clear goals and thoughts about how they want to create change in their communities, but are hindered to reach their dreams by difficult living conditions and lack of financial means.
How do your students get to know about Help to Help?
Our students mainly learn about the Help to Help operations through our student website, social media channels, their universities and dean of education.  Help to Help alumni also tend to inform new students about the organization and news spread fast.
How does Help to Help select students?
Help to Help has one or two application rounds per year and each year we receive hundreds of applications. First, we utilize a scoring system where we calculate the students “neediness” depending on factors such as living conditions, family situation, housing, income level, economic situation, etc. Based on the neediness score and a general assessment of the application, we select a number of students for an individual interview with the Help to Help team. In the interviews, we evaluate their neediness again, their language and communication skills as well as try to identify qualities we associate with future changemakers.
Does Help to Help meet all its students IRL?
A large part of the Help to Help organization is web-based, however Help to Help’s team in Tanzania or Sweden meet all students IRL several times during their study period. For example, we meet them when they attend our mandatory introduction workshop for new students, as well as during the various workshops we organize to prepare them for employment. 

The Swedish Help to Help team also travels to Tanzania and Uganda on a regular basis to meet students and the rest of the team.
What happens if a student breaks the rules?
When a student is accepted as a Help to Help beneficiary we will pay the tuition fee for all remaining semesters until graduation. In turn, we expect the students to, amongst other things, communicate continuously about the progress in their studies. We are very clear about our rules and conditions and make sure that our students understand them. If a student breaks our rules their sponsorship will unfortunately be discontinued.  

In previous cases we have for example been forced to discontinue sponsorships when students receive funds from other organizations and no longer need our sponsorship, or do not meet the requirement to communicate honestly and continuously with us.  

In the event of a discontinued sponsorship we will inform all the relevant donors by email and present the opportunity to support another student or receive the money back. If there is no response from the donor the money will automatically be allocated to other students.


There are many ways to support Help to Help and the students we enable education for. You can donate as a private individual, company or by becoming one of our partners. Read more about all the ways you can support here.


As a private individual you can choose to make a non-earmarked general donation or donate to all students within a field of education via our website. You can also donate in conjunction with an important event such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or funerals.
What does it mean to make a general donation?
A general donation implies that your donation will not be earmarked. Help to Help can therefore use it to cover various costs depending on the current need in the organisation. Please note that a general donation can be made monthly or as a one-time donation. Your donation is of course being used according to the regulations stated by Swedish Fundraising Control. This implies that 75 % of all our funds must go directly to fulfilling our purpose.

Read more and make your general donation here
Read more about how your donation is being used in our Annual Report
What does it mean to make a donation to a field of education?
 You may choose to donate to a specific educational field and you will thereby support various students within this field. Please note that this type of donation can be made monthly or as a one-time donation. You can donate to students within the following educational fields:

Medicine & Health
Including Nursing, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science and Physiotherapy

Social Science & Business
Includes Finance & Accounting, Social Work, Public Relations, Journalism and Business Administration.

Natural Science & Engineering
Includes Biomedical Equipment, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Food Science, Laboratory Science, Applied Geology, Aquatic Science, Agricultural Engineering, Mining Engineering and Architecture.

Educational Science
Includes teaching professions.

Read more and make your donation to a field of education here
How can I as a private donor contribute during holidays and/or events?
We offer gift cards that you can purchase for friends and family during Christmas or any other holiday or event. Your gift card can be given or received as a printed or digital card.

Purchase gift cards here

If you are unsure how to proceed, please email us at info@helptohelp.se.


If you represent a company or organisation you can support us in several ways. This can be of a financial character, pro-bono support, partnership or through projects and single events. You can also create a corporate fundraising campaign in relation to a business event, a sports activity, holiday or a corporate communication campaign.  Read more about all the ways you can support here.
How does my company become one of Help to Help's partners?
We are committed to building personal, long-term and mutually valuable partnerships. Through sponsoring higher education for young and ambitious people who want to continue the development of East Africa, you and Help to Help enable positive change and boost impact.

Email us at info@helptohelp.se to set up an appointment and boost your impact.
How can my company get engaged in Help to Help's projects?
We can customize a project that will suit the company’s profile as long as it is aligned with our objectives. Until now, we have successfully run our IT Boot Camps together with our partner Scania Tanzania LTD, and our Sustainability Boot Camp together with our partner Supply Based Solutions LTD.   

Email us at info@helptohelp.se to set up an appointment and boost your impact.
What does a pro-bono partnership look like?
By supporting us pro-bono your company will contribute with your services or knowledge to support our operations. This kind of help is very valuable as we would rather  use our funds to sponsor our students in East Africa, than for example buy office supplies.
How can my company contribute during holidays and/or events?
We offer gift cards that companies can purchase for their employees during Christmas or any other event. Your gift card can be given or received as a printed or digital card.

Purchase gift cards here

If you are unsure how to proceed, please email us at info@helptohelp.se.


What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is a web based economic tool that lets people donate directly to a specific cause. It is characterized by its transparent nature and the funds required to meet the goal, as well as the progress of the funding, is visible throughout the process.  

We do this through our crowdfunding platform on our website.

Purchase gift cards here
Donate to our students here
What impact do I make as a donor?
We will give you an example. If you would choose to donate 200 SEK each month for a year, this will cover 60% of the tuition fee for one semester. 

If you as a company or private person want to keep track of the total amount you have donated please email us at info@helptohelp.se and we will provide you with a statement.
How do I edit my monthly donations?
To change the amount of your monthly recurring donations please email us at info@helptohelp.se. We are aware that economic situations and commitments change and we place no judgement on the amount you wish to donate. On the contrary, we are incredibly happy for any contribution you can make.
How do I quit being a monthly donor?
To cease your monthly donations please email us at info@helptohelp.se. We are sad to see you go but we thank you for your contribution thus far.

4. How YOUR 

We value transparency very high as this is one of the key parts of our foundation. We believe that the first and most crucial step of being transparent is to show you exactly where your money goes.
What needs financing?
As part of the regulation we are put under through our 90-Account and supervision by the County Registration Board we have to use money in a certain way.  

Read more at “How can I trust you?”  

The purpose costs must be more than 75 %, which means that more than 75 % of all Help to Helps funds must go towards fulfilling Help to Helps purpose as stated in our statutes.

Read our Statutes

Our spending is sorted into purpose costs, fundraising costs and admin costs.

Purpose costs include:
- Scholarship Progam (School fees)
- Help to Help Academy (Educational material, venues, food, mentors)
- Salaries for the local staff

Fundraising costs include:
- Marketing in social media, fundraising events, campaigns, etc.
- IT services such as payment solution

Admin costs include:
- Accounting
- Auditing
- Office cost
- IT storage

 Download our 2022 annual report here: PDF
What happens to my donation?
Private person: A sum donated by a private person goes directly to our students' school fees, no matter if it is through crowdfunding or through monthly donations. With every donation there will be an administration fee of 10 %. This fee will cover the cost of transferring money from overseas to Tanzania, along with other smaller administrative costs.

Funding as  corporate entities: If no project is specified, larger funding from corporate entities supports the general operation of Help to Help through salaries, fundraising & administration costs. These donations may also go towards reaching more students, give our existing students better service, and give individuals who are not our students the chance to build up skill sets such as IT and CV writing and utilize our network.

Monthly donation: As a monthly donor your donation is not earmarked for a specific student. Instead, you can choose between making a general donation, or donate to students within a specific educational field. In either case your money will still go directly towards the students' school fees.

These donations make sure that we can sustain our activity and offer value in return.
How do we guarantee that the money goes to the students?
We transfer monetary donations directly to the accounts of the universities. Neither students nor anybody else acts as intermediaries.
How do I know that my money is effective?
Since we pay the school fees directly into each university's bank account the only way we can know if the money is effective is through following our students’ progress and their successes. If they pass their individual exams and enter society as educated and skilled people, your money has had an immense long-term effect.
How does Help to Help measure its impact?
At Help to Help we have continuous contact with our students and follow their individual progress. We also stay in contact with them after graduation and keep track of the direct impact they have on their families and communities. We also measure according to the principle of indirect impact where one educated worker of a profession will have the long-term impact on the community and society that such a profession has through its function. For example, a physician is able to treat other valuable members of society, thus ensuring their continued function, and an engineer is able to solve big infrastructure- or technical problems, which enable the rest of society to utilize these functions and develop unhindered.


Since we hope that our donors value transparency as highly as we do we have compiled a number of policy documents for your reading pleasure. We also try to subscribe to monitoring organizations that oversee and guarantee our validity.
Stiftelselagen 1994:1220
Help to Help is monitored by the County Administration Board who make sure that we follow the Swedish Law of Foundations. This law makes sure that we actually use the donations, instead of piling it up as centralized capital.
In Sweden “charity” organizations utilize a 90-account, run by the non-profit organization Swedish Fundraising Control. This organization monitors and implements strict rules and regulations surrounding why and how the donated funds are used.  

Read more at the Swedish Fundraising Control 
Help to Help Statutes


Great! You have just contributed and become part of a very real and exciting movement leading to sustainable change. We want you to know and feel the impact you have just become part of. This is why we have customized our web portal for this exact purpose. Here you can keep up with the students you have just begun to sponsor, manage your donating activities, receive general updates and of course see the change that your sponsored students create!
How will I receive information after I become a donor?
1. Receive a welcoming package consisting of emails explaining our operation for the sake of transparency, awareness and celebration.  

2. See updates about your student/s on our web portal and on social media.

3. Follow us on social media to keep track of our overall progress.

4. If possible, spread the word through sharing yours and our activities and make the movement grow!


If the way you want to support us or get engaged does not fall into the mentioned categories in section 3 “Donations”, we have a few suggestions on how you can further boost your impact. 
Become an interview volunteer and help us select students to our Scholarship Program
A big part of our operations are the application rounds in Tanzania and Uganda and thereby accepting more students to the Scholarship Program. We conduct interviews with the students one by one and you are given the opportunity to sign up as a volunteer. This means that you will be a part of the application process and selection of students. 

Please email us at info@helptohelp.se if you would be interested in becoming an interview volunteer.