COLT'S fundraiser for engineering
students IN TANZANIA

Colt's goal is to raise 7 000 SEK, which can enable roughly 2 university semesters for an
engineering student in Tanzania.

Funds currently raised (updated 9/9): 3300 SEK


The Colt Bike Ride is the company’s single largest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event and over the past six years, Colt has raised more than €800,000 for charities across 16 countries during these years.

When this event started, its aim was to ride the entire Colt network, and so far employees have ridden more than 3650km, over journeys that encompassed London to Paris, Paris to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Zurich, Marseille to Barcelona and Barcelona to Valencia. This year bike ride between Munich-Vienna, will include the first Swedish bike rider ever!

The Swedish team will collect donations to support the fantastic work of Help to Help, and engineering students in East Africa. With Colt working as a multi-national global company, we saw no other choice then to support these future engineers.

Help to Help promote positive development in East Africa by providing funds to higher education for young adults, for example within Engineering and Natural Science. East Africa currently faces a great gap in this field with many structural problems and a relatively small portion of the worlds intellectual property. We aim to supply this region with skilled professionals that can fill this gap and develop society in a uniquely East African way - that will surely benefit the rest of the world as well.